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Unlock the Secrets
To Building a Profitable Trading Business and
Saving Millions in Taxes!

The #1 and ONLY trader's tax course ready to help you win.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and losing out on your max savings because of confusing tax laws?


Are you ready to take control of your trading business and start saving millions?

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Here’s what students are saying…

I'm really passionate about teaching traders how to save more money & keep more of their profits from Uncle Sam! 

"Abby's course will help you find the gaps that you missed when setting up your [trading] business and help you set it up the right way."

Darius, Retail Trader from Atlanta, GA


How to Trade Under a Business Entity

Choosing The Right Entity

Trading Under a Social &
How You're Taxed

Maximizing Mark-to-Market Election

Trading Under TTS
-vs- Under An Entity

Trading Under Futures & Forex & How You're Taxed

Trading Options & How You're Taxed

Trading Crypto & How You're Taxed

Understanding Compliance For Traders

Trader Tax Planning 101

Top 5 Tax Strategies For Traders

Bookkeeping For Your Trading Business

💬 "Loved the webinar. Beautiful slides, super informative and laid back and just felt like good conversation."

💬 "Thank you! Your presentation was very informative and gave me some direction on how to get started with building a business to trade vice using my SSN."

💬 "thank you soooo much for answering my challenges about a tax business in the session" 🙌🏾

Hear what students have learned!

Raychelle, AL

“I really enjoyed Abby's teaching, she is very thorough...I will be going back to make the corrections I need to make!"

Quinn, TX

"If you are starting a trading business, you need to go through this class!"

Angela, NE

“My greatest takeaway was learning about writing off ALL of your losses!”
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Abby Joseph | Your Tax Strategist

As a trader and investor myself, I know what it's like to make profits and have to pay taxes every single year. But as a tax strategist I've been able to save thousands and help traders save on their taxes as well.

Raised around entrepreneurs my entire life and now, a CEO myself, I knew there was a better way to own and manage your dream company. So, I created Serenity Financial desiring to show business owners and retail traders what true freedom could look like.

We want our traders to focus on investing and builoding generational wealth while we handle the back end — fulfilling all of their accounting needs. 

I'm also here to educate traders on how to successfully manage their trading business the RIGHT WAY - maximizing tax savings and minimizing tax liabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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